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Investment & Treasury

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Debt & Fiscal Policy

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Tax / Revenue

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Affinity Groups & Meetings


As part of the MDGFOA Membership Benefits, we provide our members with additional educational and networking opportunities through our Affinity Groups.

Our Affinity Group meetings will be posted online as well as promoted to our Members via email.

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Affinity Groups

Investment and Treasury Management
To explore and discuss all aspects of governmental cash management.
To explore and discuss the prudent investment of public funds.
Chair: Available

Debt and Fiscal Policy

To explore and discuss all aspects of governmental debt management
Chair: Steve Kraus

Tax / Revenue
To create a group of tax collectors and others to discuss and analyze tax sale issues and procedures.
To share views on modern technology for the collection of taxes and cash receipts.
To create a friendly working atmosphere with collectors and the State Department of Assessments and Taxation.
To gather pertinent information on legislative proposals and develop a consensus with elected officials.
Chair: Eric Jackson

Chair: Keith Novak