Fall- October 14, 2016 Winter- January 17,2017 Spring- April 28, 2017 Summer- June 21-23, 2017

SB1119 and You
Mary Christine Jackman
George Richardson
Urvi Mehta

Current Developments in Muni Markets
Ben Watkins

Revenue Estimates
Andrew Schaufele

Economic Update
Andy Bauer

Strategies for Managing Employee Health Care Costs in the Public Sector
Eric M. Sanner

Fall Program

GASB Update
Dean Mead

Baltimore Tax Increment Financing
Steve Kraus
Keenan Rice

Trends in Environmental Finance
Daniel T. Nees, MPP, MBA

Economic Update
Dr. Daraius Irani

Federal and State Legislative Update
Emily Brock
Michael Sanderson

Winter Program

Investment Strategy
Sid Vaidya, CFA

Hot Topics in Government Accounting
Jeff Markert, KPMG LLC

Maryland General Assembly Update
David Juppe, Maryland Department of Legislative Services

The Federal Budget Debate and Its Impact on State and Local Governments
Mike Leachman, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Economic Update
Luke TIlley, Wilmington Trust

Improving Performance with LEAN Management Techniques: The Baltimore City Experience
Andrew Kleine, Baltimore City
Kirsten Silveira, Baltimore City

Spring Program