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MDGFOA Winter Conference was a big success!!

The winter conference on January 27 featured several subjects of broad interest to MDGFOA members, including Tax Incremental Financing (TIF), GASB update, economic outlook, environmental financing, and state and federal legislative update.

Following the open speech by Janet Irvin, MDGFOA President, Dean Mead from Government Accounting Standard Board provided a GASB update.  He began by inviting government comments on the financial reporting model improvements on Governmental Funds. Dean also touched upon several pronouncements currently being implemented, including tax abatements, external investment pools, pension issues and fiduciary activities. He further pointed out that all GASB pronouncements are available on the websites, including statements, concepts statements, interpretations, technical bulletins and implementation guides.

Steve Kraus from City of Baltimore and Keenan Rice from Municap, Inc. delivered a very well-received presentation on the City’s Port Covington Tax Incremental Financing (TIF). They discussed TIF revenues and mechanics in general and specific to this project, project background, the City’s TIF process, funds projection, and various deal related issues based on their own experience (e.g., sizing of TIF, fiscal impact, risk mitigation efforts, etc.). 

After a lunch break, Dan Nees from the Environmental Finance Center at the University of Maryland delivered a presentation featuring pictures throughout the PowerPoint to show the different natural disasters that have hit the region in the past years. He pointed out that there will likely be more such disasters in the future and encourages the audience to rethink the scale and capacity to address and finance such issues and improve community resilience.

The economic update by Dr. Daraius Irani at Townson University used the title “Winter Is Coming”. He pointed out that the national economy is improving but this is the 4th longest recovery from recession with the lowest growth compared to previous post-recession development. Real median household income actually even decreased slightly from the 1999 level. Dr.  Daraius mentioned various uncertainties or risks at national level (e.g., debt to GDP ratio, Federal spending and hiring freeze, etc.). He predicted a slowdown of Maryland employment, but noticed that certain sectors such as construction, healthcare, and professional services will continue to show an increase.

Emily Brock from Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and Michael Sanderson of Maryland Association of Counties (MACO) provided Federal and State legislative update. GFOA is keeping an eye on a few election campaign promises (e.g., get rid of Dodd-Frank and dismantle the ACA) that, if implemented, could have unwanted impact on state and local governments. The association is also making efforts to preserve the tax exemption on municipal bond interest and to maintain the preemption of state and local government taxes. She ended by inviting MDGFOA members to join the GFOA 111th annual conference on May 21-24 at Denver, Colorado.

Michael Sanderson did his usual math quiz to highlight key state budgeting or legislative issues. These include the dramatic $800 million state revenue write-down; 74% governor approval rate; the moderate growth in state budget and its projected long-term $2 billion deficit; funding issues on education, highway user revenues, and infrastructure; and increased politics with 22 months before State election.

Presentation materials for this winter conference (and previous quarterly conferences) can be found at: http://www.mdgfoa.org/Conference%20Presentations.html)

Don’t forget that the next quarterly conference is right at the corner! MDGFOA’s one-day spring conference will be on April 28th. Please keep an eye as these quarterly conferences fill up quickly.



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