Working as a Team for Success

As part of the MDGFOA Membership Benefits package, we provide our members with additional educational and networking opportunities through our Affinity Groups.

Our Affinity Group meetings will be posted online as well as promoted to our Members electronically.

Please join us!

Affinity Groups are a Benefit of Active Membership. Please acquire your membership to have access to registering for our Affinity Group Meetings.

Debt Group

The MDGFOA Debt Affinity Group is designed for Maryland government professionals that issue and manage debt.  The focus of the Group includes the following subject matters:

  • Policies and procedures for issuing debt and overall debt management.
  • Provide innovative tools, techniques, and trends to assist members when issuing and managing debt programs.
  • Discusses debt instruments, the relationships between internal and external parties.
  • Remain current on changes to rating evaluation criteria and disclosure requirements.
  • Offer updates on the changing regulatory landscape.
  • Discuss other relevant debt and market subject matters as they occur.

The Group meets once in the fall and the spring at the MDOT HQ building in Hanover, MD.

Young Professionals

Young Professionals Group


The Young Professionals Affinity Group exists to foster and encourage the younger generation of our financial professionals, both students and currently employed fiscal professionals, by giving its members the necessary forums and tools to create the culture, knowledge, and opportunities to both enter a career in government finance as well as continue to succeed in their professional development.

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