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Charles County Government

Senior Budget Analyst

Performs senior budget analysis work in preparing and administering departmental budgets for the county. The work involves analyzing budget requests, monitoring budgets during the fiscal year, and preparing recommendations regarding expenditures, fund transfers, and related budgetary matters. Assignments include responsibility for long term operating and capital budgets for debt affordability limits and for special studies and projects. Overall goals are set and the worker determines the specific tasks and assignments to be performed, independently handling new, unusual problems and deviations encountered in the work. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Responsible for analyzing and making recommendations for assigned department's operating budget request, assist operating staffs in preparing budgets, meet with departments and County Administrator to discuss, prepare presentation to be reviewed with County Commissioners; recommendations for changes to taxes and fees are made at this time. Reviews department's CIP request, meets with departments and County Administrator to discuss, analyze the impact on County's debt affordability, and prepares presentation to be reviewed with Count Commissioners. Analyzes historical revenues, current revenues, department estimates, and 5?year operating guidelines to provide a proposed next fiscal year revenue budget by line item for the General, Water & Sewer, Landfill, Environmental Service, and Golf Course funds. Develops and maintains the 5?Year operating and capital budgets for debt affordability limits. Prepares presentations on the 5?Year plans. Provide various "what if' scenarios based on Commissioner direction. Analyzes the County's cash flow needs for determining the size of the next bond issue.
Coordinates, prepares and edits the County's Official Statement for publication. Prepares analysis based on special requests. Trains and assists other analysts as needed. Provides lead work direction to other Budget/Administration staff. Prepares slide show presentation for County's Public Hearing on the budget. Prepares,
coordinates, and edits the County's Budget Book for publication, web page and award submission. Provides financial information in response to inquires from public and other governmental entities. Maintains, reviews, and monitors County-wide systems and controls for proper operations. Reconciles budget accounts and identifies variance, errors, and omissions in budget accounts and takes appropriate actions. Investigates spending proposals and make recommendations, advise operating staff on fiscal management procedures, requirements, and alternatives Other Duties Performs duties of other positions in the unit as required. Performs related work as


Posted: 12/10/2018

Howard County Public School System

Director of Finance and Budget

Under the supervision of the Chief Business and Technology Officer, the Director of Finance and Budget serves as the budget and finance officer and is responsible for supervising the preparation and submission of all school system budgets to the Chief. Provides leadership for improving fiscal responsible, budget preparation, and financial supervision to the department through cross-departmental collaboration. The Director of Finance and Budget will ensure that Federal and State laws and procedures are followed and supported by using best accounting practices and budgetary guidelines. Assignments require analytical thinking and extensive independent judgement through all phases of the budget cycle: formulation, justification, presentation, and execution. Performs advanced level administrative financial work under executive level direction and is responsible to prepare and submit all school system budgets to the County Council.


Posted: 11/27/2018

Montgomery County Government

Manager III (Compliance Manager), Grade M3
Montgomery County Employee Retirement Plans

Montgomery County Employee Retirement Plans is seeking a Compliance Manager (Manager III) who will be supervising the
activities related to complex investment performance analysis, including the oversight of performance reporting for the Employees'
Retirement System and the Consolidated Retiree Health Benefits Trust (CRHBT).
Primary functions of this position include but are not limited to:
• The position will be the subject matter expert for performance measurement related activities and will work closely with the
MCERP senior investment professionals in developing analytical and business processes.
• Oversee the preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (audit of the retirement plans), payment of all expenses,
preparation of the annual budget and quarterly compliance, and the compliance program for the retirement plans and the
Consolidated Retiree Health Benefits Trust.
• Recommend changes to policies related to the operations and investment programs for the retirement plans and the CRHBT.
• Conduct operational due diligence on all ERS investment managers;
• Analyze processes/procedures to determine if they are industry standard, and if not, establishing guidelines to monitor those
processes/procedures that fall below industry standards;
• Assist in the development and maintenance of the Risk Management Program and Risk Budgeting System, including; updating
capital market assumptions; updating allocations to managers and markets; and running reports to assess contribution to
total risk, environmental biases, etc.
• Monthly reconciliation of ERS& RHBT cash accounts, preparation of the department's annual operating budget by providing
guidance to staff on the budget process, ensuring timely completion of all required financial/budgetary reports and support
• Supervise the work of two accounting professionals related to: preparation of the compliance with the ERS securities lending
program participation and guidelines;
• Analyze and research complex accounting/financial issues and prepare written/oral reports addressing issues related to pension


Posted: 10/23/2018

Montgomery County Employee Retirement Plans

Senior Retirement Analyst, Grade 26

This is a senior level professional class that (1) performs analytical and advisory functions concerning the County's defined contribution and defined benefit retirement Plans, and (2) provides advanced-level retirement counsel and service to employees, retirees and other beneficiaries.  Major duties include, but are not limited to, supporting actuarial evaluation of defined benefits, conducting studies to develop policy recommendations or identify the financial impact of changes in Plan designs, determining eligibility for various defined benefit and defined contribution Plans and Plan features, calculating benefit options, making adjustments to benefit amounts, and counseling employees/others, completing the retirement process, and making adjustments after retirement based on Plan features, audits, major life events and other factors.  Contacts are diverse and significant, and require the employee to maintain in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of the Plans administered and pension/retirement issues. Contacts require well-developed communication skills to exchange information about programmatic and operational matters with a diverse array of persons having varying levels of technical knowledge, viewpoints and wants/needs - from financial impact details with actuaries and accountants to programmatic matters with members of the County Council to individual-specific benefits and options with rank-and-file employees, retirees and other beneficiaries.


Posted: 9/20/2018

City of Annapolis

Senior Accountant

Performs professional accounting tasks with primary emphasis on ensuring the accurate and timely functioning of the City's financial accounting system. Distinguishing features of the class The employee holding this position assists the Finance Director in maintaining the City's financial accounts in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for state and local governments. This is a very responsible position requiring constant attention to governmental accounting principles and procedures. This responsibility entails constant attention to the procedures and practices utilized to account for financial transaction so that reliable and meaningful reports can be produced to affirm the soundness of the system and to provide management with data upon which it can make decisions. The Senior Accountant gives direction to employees in the Finance Department who use the City's financial accounting system. The employee in this position performs under the direction of the Finance Director and the Assistant Director for Accounting.

Posted: 9/7/2018

The City of Cambridge

Finance Director

The City of Cambridge, Md., is seeking a Finance Director involving highly responsible administrative work within the Finance Department including planning, coordinating and directing the collection, custody and disbursement of taxes and other public funds and the proper recording of all financial transactions.

Posted: 8/13/2018

Montgomery County Government

Manager III (Insurance Manager), Grade M3

The Department of Finance is seeking a candidate for the Insurance Manager position in the Department of Finance, Division of Risk
Management reporting to the Chief of the Division of Risk Management (the Division Manager). This position is responsible for the procurement
of commercial property and casualty insurance; reviewing County contracts and other types of agreements for non-insurance
transfer and the development of indemnification provisions; formulation of the annual budget for the self-insurance program, which includes
significant interaction with the contract actuary; broker services and actuarial services contract administration; management of staff; and
providing consulting services to County departments and outside agencies that participate in the County's self-insurance program.

Posted: 10/20/2018

Baltimore County, Office of the County Auditor

Auditor (Full-Time)

Presently, we are seeking to fill two openings in our audit unit. Our audit unit is responsible for various types of auditing, including internal control, compliance, and operational audits, and fiscal impact analysis for various projects and agency budget requests.

Posted: 10/20/2018

Montgomery County Government

Manager III (Financial Compliance Manager), Grade M3

This is a full performance level managerial position within the Department of Finance. This position manages the Financial
Analysis, Compliance and Audit Section (within the Division of Controller) and is responsible for supervising staff assigned to this
Section, ensures that financial analysis are performed as needed for accurate reporting, financial transactions are properly
monitored for compliance with existing County policies, laws and regulations with adequate support, coordinate with departments,
County Attorney, and other officials as is warranted for proper compliance evidence, and other projects are properly carried out as
needed for accurate financial reporting and/or assess effectiveness of existing financial controls.
Position is responsible for managing the structure, method, and quality of financial analysis performed to ensure accurate
accounting and recording of transactions for decision-making and financial reporting. Position supervises staff that monitor
departments procure-to-pay transactions for compliance with existing County policy, laws, and regulations. Position requires
attending frequent meetings with department staff responsible for financial transactions, County attorneys assigned to handle
procurement and financial law issues, and other organizations as needed to achieve objectives of ensuring accurate accounting and
adequate control monitoring.

Posted: 8/27/2018

Maryland Department of Transportation

IT Finance Lead (Fiscal Services Administrator II)

The Maryland Department of Transportation The Secretary's Office (MDOT TSO) is seeking an IT Finance Lead (Fiscal Services Administrator II). This position is within the IT Finance unit in the Office of Transportation Technology Services (OTTS) division and its essential function is to directly assist the manager of IT Finance in providing high-quality financial services for a budget that exceeds $50 million. In addition to the OTTS office, this role must interact with all other Transportation Business Units (TBUs), their IT counterparts and MDOT TSO departments. As enterprising systems continue to grow, this role will also expand as a primary contact for managing and maintaining best practices for financial tracking and reporting. The responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to the following:
• Preparing annual budget, financial analysis, forecast and financial reports that provide information about the results of operations and cash flows of OTTS to management in an accurate and timely manner
• Regularly communicating essential information about the status of budget and expenditures of IT projects with the project stakeholders. This includes helping them to manage and develop spending plans and review spending rates and financial forecasting results
• Planning, prioritizing and focusing on assignments, utilizing knowledge on accounting and IT business operations to get a perspective on problems and to find solutions. This includes ensuring all transactions are recorded in financial spreadsheets and reflected in the Financial Management Information System (FMIS) accurately
• Performing mid-month/month/year-end accounting closes that include: reviewing account payables, account receivables and fund transfers; performing accounts reconciliation and detailed variance analysis; and making journal entries and preparing financial reports in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and MDOT accounting policy.

Posted: 9/21/2018

Montgomery County

Manager I (Operating Budget Coordinator), Grade M1

This position functions as a senior manager to the OMB Director.  This position directs the preparation and transmittal of the County Executive's annual proposed operating budget and six-year fiscal plan (FY19 operating budget is in excess of $5.6 Billion); oversees OMB's involvement in the collective bargaining process; and assists the Director in developing strategies and policies to implement the County Executive's priorities.

Posted 9/17/2018

Dorchester County Finance Department


This position is assigned to the Finance Department.  This position carries out senior level accounting and administrative functions primarily, related to grants and contracts ensuring compliance with grantor agency regulation and laws.  This position will be responsible for researching grant funding opportunities, prepare applications and administer post grant awards to include preparation of various financial reports.


Posted: 09/21/2018


Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is the head of the independent State Agency that is responsible for administering three IRC Section 529 Savings Plans; the Maryland Prepaid College Trust, the Maryland College Investment Plan, and the Maryland Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE). The Maryland Prepaid College Trust (MPCT) is a “defined benefit” type plan and the Maryland College Investment Plan (MCIP) is a “defined contribution” type plan, both of which are designed to provide ways for families to save for future college expenses and reduce reliance on future student loan debt. In addition, the Maryland 529 agency is responsible for administering the Maryland Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) program that helps individuals with disabilities save money and pay for qualified disability-related expenses without jeopardizing state or federal means-tested benefits such as SSI or Medicaid. The Chief Executive Officer reports to the Maryland 529 Board of Directors, which includes the State Treasurer, State Comptroller, Chancellor of the University System of Maryland, the Secretary of the Maryland Higher Education Commission, the Secretary of the Maryland Department of Disabilities, the Superintendent of Schools, and five public members appointed by the Governor.
Responsibilities include:
• Planning, organizing, directing and controlling all operations of the Plans.
• Creating and maintaining a positive work environment and culture for the Maryland 529 agency and staff.
• Establishing overall Plan goals to accomplish the mission as defined by the Board.
• Ensuring the management, accounting, recordkeeping and oversight of Plan financial transactions meet the requirements of Board fiduciary responsibilities and all national accounting and recordkeeping standards.
• Designing and developing features and enhancements to the MPCT, MCIP and ABLE.
• Administering existing customer accounts.
• Planning, organizing, directing and controlling all operations of the Plans.
• Managing personnel resources of the Agency, including hiring and training staff.
• Oversight of procurement and management of a wide range of outsourced services, including investment managers, financial advisors, actuaries and marketing representatives, as well as program managers for the MCPT, MCIP and ABLE.
• Providing strategic leadership and financial input, framing issues appropriately for the Board to support informed decision making.
• Enabling the effective functioning of the Board through accurate and timely reporting and advising on matters such as matters for approval, current significant issues, updates on strategic goals and plan implementation, key performance indicators for the agency’s organizational units, risk and compliance updates, and any other matters for noting.
• Creating and maintaining a positive reputation for Maryland 529.
• Leading the development of a Marketing and Public Relations Plan.
• Overseeing the development and advocacy of State legislation to enhance the Plans.
• Participating in crafting federal legislation and regulatory polices to enhance 529 plans nationally.
• Serving as lead representative for Maryland’s 529 plans in the national industry association, the College Savings Plans Network.
• Monitoring current industry trends, changes and best practices in order to provide timely and relevant advice to the Board.

Posted 10/23/2018

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