We Honor Our Past Presidents...

The 50's and 60's

1955-56 Alex K. Hancock, Director of Finance, Montgomery County

1956-57 Howard C. Beck, Jr., City Auditor, City of Baltimore

1957-58 Arthur B. Gibson, City Auditor, Cumberland

1958-59 Charles H. Hartman, Sec. Of the County Commissioners, Harford County

1959-60 W. Norman Wood, Director of Finance, Baltimore County

1960-61 Charles L. Benton, Jr., Budget Director, City of Baltimore

1961-62 Arthur C. Jensen, Executive Secretary, Baltimore County Revenue Authority

1962-63 Brian M. Benson, Comptroller, Board of Education, Montgomery County

1963-64 Louis E. Eichelberger, Treasurer, City of Frederick

1964-65 Leo A. Courtney, Jr., Administrative Analyst, State Fiscal Resources Bureau

1965-66 Grace E. Schwartz, Supv. Recoveries & Collections, MD Dept. of Mental Hygiene

1966-67 Walter R. Richardson, Deputy Director of Finance, Baltimore County

1967-68 William M. Kinnersley, Jr., Superintendent, Bureau Of Receipts, City of Baltimore

1968-69 Daniel Paul, City Auditor, City of Baltimore

1969-70 Bernard F. Nossel, Chief Deputy  Comptroller, State of Maryland

The 70's and 80's

1970-71 Thomas A. Banigan, Internal Auditor, Prince George’s County

1971-72 Michael J. Potthast, Chief, General Accounting Division, Comptroller of the Treasury, State of Maryland

1972-73 Harold R. Tall, Chief, Bureau of Data Processing, City of Baltimore

1973-74 Lawrence D. Shubnell, Chief of Budget Division, Dept. Fiscal Services, Maryland General Assembly

1974-75 William F. Laudeman, Deputy Director of Finance, Baltimore County

1975-76 Harry Deitchman, City Payroll & Disbursements Supv., City of Baltimore

1976-77 Pierce J. Lambdin, Chief, Div. Of Audits, Dept. Fiscal Services, Maryland General Assembly

1977-78 J. Darrell Campbell, Director of Finance, Howard County

1978-79 William A. Fogle, Jr., Budget & Mgmt., Div. Supv., City of Baltimore

1979-80 J. Basil Wisner, Chief Deputy Comptroller, State of Maryland

1980-81 J. Edward Rowley, Deputy Director, Dept. of Finance, Montgomery County

1981-82 George A. Piendak, Chief, Bureau of the Budget & Mgmt. Res., City of Baltimore

1982-83 Donald P. Carter, Comptroller, Anne Arundel County

1983-84 George H. Spriggs, Jr., Director Income Tax Division, State of Maryland

1984-85 Ernest J. Glinka, Deputy Administrator, Retirement Systems, City of Baltimore

1985-86 G. Peter Mech, Chief, Division of Accounting, Montgomery County

1986-87 Thomas M. Fox, Comptroller, Frederick County

1987-88 Lloyd W. Jones, Executive Director, Maryland Deposit Insurance Fund

1988-89 Arnold G. Holz, Director, General Acctg. Div., State of Maryland

1989-90 William R. Brown, Jr., Director of Finance, City of Baltimore

The 90's

1990-91 Edward H. Kappel, Deputy Director, Maryland Deposit Insurance Fund

1991-92 Philip G. Martin, Director, Data Processing Division, State of Maryland

1992-93 Eugene C. Curfman, Director of Finance, Carroll County

1993-94 Dennis W. Lego, Chief, Bureau of Management Information Systems, City of Baltimore

1994-95 Roman E. Novak, Manager, Cash & Debt Administration, Maryland                 Department of Transportation

1995-96 Alfred E. Martin, Director of Finance, City of Hagerstown

1996-97 Carroll P. Tignall, Jr., State of Maryland

1997-98 Stephen M. Cordi, Deputy Comptroller, State of Maryland

1998-99 James M. Jewell, Treasurer, Harford County

1999-00 Martha J. Bennett, Finance Administrator, Town of Ocean City

2000-01 John D. Kenney, Asst. State Comptroller of the Treasury

The New Millenium

2001-02 Dale B. Neubert, Director of Finance, Howard County

2002-03 James E. Sansbury, Associate Vice Chancellor, University of  Maryland System

2003-04 John M. Markowski, CFO,  Harford County Public Schools

2004-05 Timothy Firestine, Director of Finance, Montgomery County Gov't

2005-06 Al Warfield, Accounting Manager, M - NCPPC

2006-07 James Arnie, Director Revenue Administration Division, Comptroller of Maryland

2007-08 Sharon F. Greisz, Director of Finance, Howard County

2008-09 Mary P. Allen, County Auditor, Baltimore County Auditor's Office

2009-10 Jennifer Barrett, Director of Finance, Montgomery County Government

2010-11 Joseph Zimmerman, Secretary-Treasurer, M-NCPPC

2011-12 Patrick Fannon, Controller, Baltimore County Public Schools

2012-13 Patricia Barney, Executive Director, M-NCPPC

2013-14 Kathryn Hewitt, Treasurer, Harford County Government

2014-15 Ted Zaleski, Dir. Management & Budget, Carroll County

2015-16 Martin G. Jacobs, VP & CFO, Maryland Public Television

2016-17 Janet Irvin, CFO, Maryland Environmental Service

2017-18 Lenny Moore, Controller, Montgomery County Government

2018-19 Jason Zimmerman, CFO, DHMH,

2019- 20 Robert Sandlass, Treasurer in Treasury, Harford County Government

2020-21 Joseph Beach, Deputy General Manager for Administration in Finance, WSSC Water

2021-22 Eric Jackson, Chief of Treasury, Charles County Government

2022-23 Robert Burk, Chief Financial Officer, Carroll County Public Schools