Intermediate Governmental Accounting Seminar


The MDGFOA Intermediate Governmental Accounting Seminar is a benefit of membership. You must be an active Government Employed member to register for this Seminar. If we have available seats, registration for Government Employed non-members will open.

Who Should Attend

Mid-level finance officers, accountants, independent auditors, and other persons with basic knowledge of accounting


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MDGFOA Government Employed Members: $200.00
(If the IGAS does not fill with above registrants we will open registration to our Associate Members at that time.)

MDGFOA Associate Members: $400.00

Government Employed Non-Members: $240.00

Associate Non-Members: $500.00

Seminar Description

This 2 1/2 day seminar will provide the participant with a working knowledge of the special financial reporting model used by the state and local governments under Governmental Accounting Standards Board's Statement No. 34, Basic Financial Statements- and Management's Discussion and Analysis- for State and Local Governments.


20 CPE's

IGAS Refund Policy

IGAS Fees are not refundable after 14 days prior to the Seminar date. You may transfer your paid registration to an attendee within your organization. Seminar fees will not be carried over to any other Seminars or Conferences. All outstanding balances are to be paid regardless of your attendance if you did not cancel via email or phone 14 days prior to the Seminar. No attendee shall be permitted to register for a seminar or conference with an outstanding balance due from prior seminars or conference attendance. We do not refund fees based upon cancellation of speakers or adjustments to the agenda.


Day One

Basic background
Accounting, financial reporting & financial statement audit overview
Government Environment & impact on accounting & financial reporting
Sources of Governmental GAAP
Governmental financial reporting model
Funds, fund types & interfund activity
Government-wide financial reporting
Primary Government and its component units
Basic recognition principles
Measurement focus & basis of accounting
Categories of transactions & events & their recognition
Fund Accounting & the basic financial statements
Governmental funds
Revenue Recognition in Governmental funds
Expenditure Recognition in Governmental funds
Other financing sources & uses
Asset & liability recognition in Governmental funds
Governmental fund financial statements
Proprietary Funds
Enterprise funds
Internal Service funds
Proprietary fund financial statements

Day Two

Fiduciary funds
Fiduciary fund Accounting
Fiduciary Fund Financial Statements
Government-wide financial statements
Converting and consolidating fund data
Government-wide financial statements
summary of significant accounting policies
detailed note disclosures
Specialized Accounting applications
detailed note disclosures
Reporting Beyond the Basic financial statement
Required Supplementary information (RSI)
Other RSI
Structure, contents of the CAFR
Supplementary budgetary reporting within the CAFR
Statistical section

Day Three

Internal control, auditing & analysis
Internal control
The comprehensive framework of internal control
Monitoring and the periodic evaluation of internal control
Auditing and analysis
The financial statement
The single audit
GASB Update