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When a government or non-profit organization decides to take on a challenging project — like a new public school, park, gymnasium, clean water initiative, affordable housing project, regional health care center, senior living facility, or other kind of community improvement — their finance team is tasked with a problem to solve and faced with two critical questions:
1) Can we afford this initiative?
2) How do we pay for this project?

If the answer to Question #1 is 'yes', the project is completed, and the community and organization flourishes. But getting to 'yes' is an extremely complex labyrinth of spreadsheets, dated information, meetings, and analysis.

Our team has witnessed firsthand the lack of easy-to-use software that would surely make a difference for finance teams. That's why we built powerful, elegant, and intuitive consolidated debt and lease management software for finance teams in local government, higher education, and healthcare.

Our cloud-based solution increases transparency, efficiency, and accuracy for finance teams, empowering them to do their critical work with more confidence.