Bronze Partner


Since 2011, Our Annapolis-based team has worked with Maryland state agencies, boards, commissions and local government to develop over 150 innovative digital government products and services.  The NIC Maryland team is dedicated to building essential services that connect Maryland citizens & businesses with Maryland government. We are Marylanders who understand the unique needs of agencies and our fellow citizens. NIC Maryland employs software e​​engineers, UI/UX designers, marketing experts, project managers, and a customer service staff--all just a stone's throw away.

As a member of the NIC family of companies, NIC Maryland draws upon almost 30 years of innovative success, enabling federal, state and local government to serve their citizens better through technology.  NIC is solely focused on delivering digital government solutions, including payment processing for government clients, since our inception in 1992.  The primary reason NIC continues to be the industry leader is our long-standing enthusiasm​ to face technological challenges head-on and conceive and implement innovative solutions.  NIC provides innovative solutions for more than 37,000 federal, state and local agencies across the United States.