2021 Fall Conference Sessions

Tribute to Ed Bianchi

We pay tribute to Edmund A. Bianchi.  Ed is no longer with us but we still feel his presence at our conferences.  Edmund Bianchi is remembered fondly by all at MDGFOA for his many years of dedicated service. Ed was with Bank of America for over 45 years where his colleagues were met with kindness and humor. Ed was a fixture from the infancy of MDGFOA. His contributions in time, financial support, and otherwise helped the organization to grow where it is today. He served many years on the Board and in other leadership roles throughout the association.

Ed started in the Public Sector Banking at Bank of America. His colleagues reflect, he loved his government banking relationships with his clients.  Outside of gathering information to provide and introduce banking services for your jurisdiction he also took the time out to establish a friendship with his clients and there are many.  The conversations during his meeting would involve getting to know you and your family as he would also speak of his.  At some point though, there would be a conversation about his beloved Orioles and Ravens.

He cherished his daughter and if you knew him, you would also know all about Dr. Kristin Bianchi.  He loved to laugh and joke and made work more like spending time with friends.

He will be missed by so many, forever and always.