A Letter From Our President

June, 2023

Hello Colleagues:

Greetings! On behalf of the Maryland GFOA, it is our privilege to have you – the members, sponsors, presenters, friends, and supporters of our organization – join us for our 2023 MDGFOA Annual Conference. Welcome!

It is an honor for me to step into the role of President for this cherished organization for the upcoming year. Thank you to the membership for the confidence you have placed in me, the Officers, and the larger Board of Directors, to lead this association. As I assume this role, I want to acknowledge our Immediate Past President, Robert Burk, and thank him for his service to the organization over the past year as President, and in the years prior as an Officer and Board member. He has been a valuable contributor to our association. Thanks also to the current slate of Officers, and those who have served in the past. It is the tireless contributions of these volunteer leaders, that have built this organization to what it is today.

In assuming the presidency of this organization, I want to be a steady steward of the resources and reputation of the MDGFOA. Consistent with the theme of our Annual Conference this year – On the Frontlines of Transparency & Resiliency – I will ensure that our organization continues to elevate these ideals, values, and characteristics to current and future generations of government finance officers. The various communities that our membership serves, rightly expects openness and honesty from their government officials and staff . We should not disappoint. Our offices and our work should be brimming with professional competency, excellence in attitude, and integrity in the execution of our duties.

Many governments, of varying structures and sizes, have the shared experience of cultural and demographic shifts in their workforce that can challenge operationalizing the highest ideals of our respective organizations. Complicating this effort is the post-pandemic hybrid work environment which has become the standard for many. The MDGFOA will continue to be a resource to state and local governments, presenting relevant topics in a manner that reaches all our membership, strengthening the resiliency and effectiveness of our membership in transmitting culture and content to our changing workforce, all while providing opportunity to upcoming generations in the workplace.

In closing, I want to recognize our association partners, Barcami Lane, and thank the staff for all their
contributions in planning and executing this conference, and our conferences throughout the year. I am also grateful to our sponsors who, in very meaningful ways, have demonstrated their support for MDGFOA and our mission. Many thanks to the speaker team who will be presenting over the next few days. Thanks also to my employer and the government I represent, the Prince George’s County government. Let’s look forward to a year of development and growth together, and please enjoy the 2023 MDGFOA’s Annual Conference.

Stephen McGibbon, CPA, CIA, CISA
Director of Finance
Prince George’s County, MD

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